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Our system provides the conversion from digital master to analog cutting directly on the vinyl surface.
The sounds can be different because vinyl meets and enhances different frequencies. All the working process will be realized with manual professional machines, a mechanical process ( cutting on blank discs) that can be produce a small background noise in the silent portion (lead in, lead out) of the finished vinyl ( for the mechanical cutting force, suction system, and other).
Stereo recording all formats available, mono 7" only.


Together with a stereo vinyl cutting machines, Vinyl Royale can offer the possibility to realize a vintage release in MONO! With two old revamped machines, we have the possibility to cut your releases with the warm sound of mono recordings. No great background sound, heard only in the lead out portion. Available only in 7" format, flexis are normally realized with these machines. Recording may exceed 5 minutes per side.  

Master audio (stereo):
The master audio will be partially modified for best recording results. We have created a little pre-mastering station with some standard settings to realize your vinyl release.
If in doubt about the final result please consider to order a test cutting .

Volume: for a good audio quality is best not overcome the reccomended recording time per side. This can provide a good distance between the grooves of the vinyls for a good quality of sound and volume. The master bitrate must be at 16 or 24 bit, and the sound not exceed 12 db rms to avoid distortions.

Low frequencies: i bass frequencies under 150/300 Hz  must be in MONO to prevent out of phase at low frequencies and problems in the stereo grooves. Frequencies under 20 Hz create resonance problems and playback needle may jum out of these grooves.

High frequencies: tracks with a lot of frequencies can be create distortions, is not possible to cut up to 14/15 Khz and continous high frequency notes.

Like old 70s-80s vinyl records is better to insert you tracks and the beginning of each side.

Master audio (mono):

For 7" and flexi cutting service, our vintage machine can convert automatically you master in the machine. The machine have their RIIA equalization system inside. The machine cut signal from 9db to -10db, is possible sometimes to exceed 0 db but frequencies under -10/-15 db will not be engraved in the vinyl surface.

Reccomended recording time per side at  33 rpm

5' -1:30 /1:45
7' - 5:00
10' - 9:00

Reccomended recording time per side 45 rpm  

7' - 4:00
10' - 7:30

Max Recording time per side with MONO machine at 33 rpm

7" / flexis - 5' 15"
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