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Vinyl Royale is a company specialized in vinyl cut service starting from 1 pc and press vinyl from 300 pcs.
Born in 2015 from the sister company AUA RECORDS , wants once again and revist the "analogic culture", offering to our customers a variety of solutions in small quantities reworking creatively the ideas of the past.
From the standard formats like 7inch and 10inch to mini 5inch vinyl records (also know as Vinyl CD for the same dimensions) or Picture Disc or the remake of mono flexis or Record Postcards.
Vinyl cuts is a direct engraving technique on vinyl, similar to that used to create the acetates from which the molds to press the vinyls in industrial runs will then be obtained by means of a galvanic process. The only difference is the use of diamond cutting stylus and different audio settings to engrave directly on the vinyl surface, creating a product like durability very similar to pressed records. The sound will also be similar although there will always be very little background noise from engraving on a hard surface.
Mono Project: Next to the lines for cutting discs in stereo format we have restored a vinyl cutting machine from the seventies with its vintage transistor amplifier to make real mono records from the 50s / 60s. With this line we only make vinyls in the 7 inch format, therefore normal single or flexi discs. The sound is the classic single sound of the era, here the background noise is much more present, but who wants to have the warm, raw low fidelity sound is the best solution!
Vinyl Royale is a brand of
Aua Records di Laura Pozzati
Via Dante Alighieri 70, 33017 Tarcento, Ud, Italy

Vat/Eori IT02011260300 - REA UD-229062
Phone ++39 0432 792873 email: info@auarecords.com
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